Acid Corrogue
Alignment Guardian
Status Active
Gender male
Height --
Weight --

Database informationEdit

  • Name: Acid Corrogue
  • Unit: 2nd, Recon (originally 9th, Ranger)
  • Rank: B rank, Captain
  • Type: Assassin

A chameleon android with a sadistic sense of humor and an apparent disdain for authority figures. Immune to poisons and acids, and can coat his powerful tongue in a highly corrosive acid that bites through any kind of armor. Equipped with an invisibility system and is an adept climber, but lacks the durability for prolonged combat.


Commissioned by the guardians, Acid is a transfer from another base and the only 9th operative in the area. He stays with 2nd Recon for simplicity's sake but is not required to follow any of their directives.

He could likely become an A Rank if not for his physical fragility.

Things of noticeEdit

Often harasses Signal Hummwing. Requests to make him stop have the opposite effect. All of 2nd Recon hopes he'll get bored soon, but it seems unlikely.

Has an apparent interest in old science fiction comics.

Due to his naturally mean-spirited nature, behavior-based corruption checks cannot provide reliable results.