Alignment Ex-Guardian
Status Deceased / Infected
Gender Male
Height Tall
Weight Heavy

Database information Edit

  • Name: Blink Puma
  • Unit: Scouting
  • Rank: Commander
  • Type: Teleport / Melee

Pre-ambush: A methodic commander, valued quickness of execution. He cared more about the result than the means to achieve said result. Had the respect of his peers and underlings.

Post-Ambush, Pre-infection: A distracted and erratic thinking commander, although the sources of his distractions were unknown he was known to make decisions that were highly questionable and that led to subpar result. Had tendencies to favoritism and could have been rumored to have had moments of abuse of authority only to out of stubbornness.

Post-infection: -FILE NOT FOUND- Auzer

Summary Edit

- The second construct, six months younger than Hunwick Puma, Blink was immediately sent to the Guardians and through successful missions and notable feats in combat, Blink was offered leadership of the Scouting Unit. Although the experience started out fairly successfully, an ambush and a distracting brother had slowly brought him to the brink of utter failure. Whether or not the nature of the distractions provided by his brother were relevant or not, there's no way to assess how much they had part in his downfall. Seconded by the brilliant and diligent Mirage Sandfin, it seems he had managed to keep his ship afloat on the sole basis of her competence and willingness to be the best member of the guardians she could possibly be. Her professionalism and respect for her commander MAY have prevented her from giving the wake up call he sorely had needed. Infected, he had gone insane over the course of a few weeks, to then be killed by a recently capture and infected ally.

Things of notice Edit

- When he was activated, he was programmed to be a lot more professional than his brother was supposed to be. It had made him more serious than anything, which helped him, to a certain extent.

- Although he was considered the better model, he bitterly envied Hunwick's insight on life itself. He wished interactions with friends, potential lovers, even their own mother, would have been as simple for him as they were for Hunwick

- Had an extremely conflictual relationship with Hunwick Puma, though siblings are known for inner rivalries.

- When he was infected, he struggled not to kill a single person, though he had the chance to kill Onca Crypsis at one or two occasions, he fought the urge because he feared it would have led him to then attack innocent people and kill them all.

- Since his infection, he had done his best to stay loyal to the guardians by not killing a single human being, or a civilian of any species, for that matter.

- Is rumored to have built a terrifying frankenstein like android that was then named "Patchwork"

- Is rumored to have built a terrifying amount of frogs that act as mobile EMP's