Alignment Neutral
Status Alive
Gender Female
Height 5 foot 9 inches
Weight 130 lbs

Database information Edit

  • Name: Unknown, goes by Delilah
  • Will aid: Whoever believes in putting an end to the war between the Guardians and Corruptors
  • Rank: Paladin
  • Type: Fighter / Hacker
  • Infected?: Hahahaha

Caucasian human woman, long blonde hair, hazel eyes, pointy chin and short nose. Wears an armor that makes her look three times her size.

Summary Edit

Save for Militian Alces and very few people, nobody knows Delilah's actual name. As a young teen she joined a woman who taught her how to be a crusader. When her mentor fell in combat, Delilah took her armor and name.

Things of notice Edit

- Those who have records of her make sure that it either doesn't get published in any shape or form, but then again, information finds its ways to be found.

- Travels with Militian Alces. It's said the two are rarely seperated, which could lead to rumors of a relationship.

- Has a religious and profound respect for the dead. When she sees dead androids, she stops and gives them a proper burial and a respectful prayer.

- Although as a human mercenary she had made a name for herself for her unwavering resolve, making her question her faith as much as her ambitions seems to shake her will to press on. It renders her will weakened and she finds herself, to her own annoyance, dependent of her partner: Militian Alces.