Database informationEdit

  • Name: EG-D2032 "Diggil"
  • Type: Scouting
  • Size: Small
  • Usage: Common

A gerbil drone created to excavate archeological sites and caves, later repurposed for usage in finding traps or wounded civilians.


Diggils are typically small and weak, and do not pose a threat in small numbers - though they can be an annoyance. They are equipped with short-range scanners, a bite designed to crush rubble, and claws made for digging and opening passages.

Small and fast, they are commonly used for scouting unknown and dangerous areas, and more rarely used as sentries. They are incapable of thought or making their own decisions, but automatically enter "Sneaking" mode if carried or moved. In "Sneaking" mode they do not move around, but record everything around them.

Things of noticeEdit

The lights on a diggil's tail changes color depending on circumstance. Blue = searching, neutral. Green = Found something beneficial. Yellow = Found something unknown. Red = Danger. Purple = Sneaking. Unlike the other colors, purple has a dull light that won't change color until they are brought out of this mode.