Alignment --
Status Active
Gender Male
Height 5' 4"
Weight 220lbs

Database informationEdit

  • Name: HLA No. 02 Edge Hypermatter
  • Will aid: Guardians
  • Rank: Recruit
  • Type: Flight / Ranged / Melee
  • Infected?: No

Edge is extremely human in appearance and can actually fool basic biometric scans. He has dark green hair and wears sunglasses over his normally barely glowing green eyes. He has a red triangle seemingly tattooed on his forehead. Has two armors he can summon at will. Can hit a lot harder than his size would suggest.


Edge is a reploid from an alternate future where reploids and humans reached near equivalence. He left to escape the mandatory lifespan requirement being foisted on his kind, and ended up trapped in an alternate past. Now he's stranded with no way to travel back and no idea what he's doing.

Things of noticeEdit

Has enlisted with the Guardians, but currently is unassigned.

Dislikes spikes and hates the idea of being eaten.