Enamored with all wildlife
Alignment Corruptor
Status Active
Gender Female
Height 3'6
Weight 6.2 ton (heavy)

Database informationEdit

  • Name: Espio Pichi Armi
  • Faction: Hi'ran Faction
  • Rank: Unranked
  • Type: Destructive
  • Infected?: No

A half-sentient armadillo beastoid who is eager to please and excited about being a "bad guy", Espio is surprisingly averse to harming civilians. She can curl into a ball, using her weight and momentum to hurl herself at enemies in order to cause them damage.


Espio was built at the Hi'ran Faction and lives at the drone storage. Assault Commander Spinne Hodger has made her an official member of the Assault Unit, however, and she is as such treated as a fully sentient android by most.

Despite being a destruction type android, she most often works as a sentry or scout.

Things of noticeEdit

She is fond of a soldier she has given the nickname "Goggles".

She decided on her name by herself, during a strange travel.