Flamespin Wallaroo
Blockade burn
"I am loyal to my own."
Alignment Corruptor
Status Active
Gender male
Height 3'8 (4'2 if on his toes)
Weight medium

Database informationEdit

  • Name: Flamespin Wallaroo
  • Faction: Hi'ran Faction
  • Rank: A rank
  • Type: Fire/Destructive
  • Infected?: No

A wallaroo android that shows little emotion but spite and sadism. Very fast and adroit, specialized in melee. DO NOT get within his range, DO NOT use sharp weaponry. He uses sticky "fire oil" as fuel and blood, he will use it to ignite his opponents. Body temperature can excel 2000 degrees.


Formerly a Guardian, Flamespin was labeled KIA after a mission. He unexpectedly reappeared at his base after one week only to set a fire that killed several of his co-workers, then fled the scene. He has since been seen working together with known Corruptors from the Hi'ran Faction, and is officially regarded as a defector.

Things of noticeEdit

There are rumors regarding the possibility of Flamespin's co-workers attempting to murder him and lying to cover it up. Confirmation is impossible due to the deaths of said co-workers.

Frequently works together with Shockwave Jerbolan. BE VERY CAREFUL when approaching in case she is present.