Hunwick Puma
Alignment Guardians
Status Available
Gender Male
Height Medium
Weight Super Heavyweight

Database information Edit

  • Name: Hunwick Samuels Puma
  • Unit: Armored Division, mechanics specialist
  • Rank: Lieutenant
  • Type: Teleport / Melee

An exact twin of Blink Puma, only a head shorter. He had made himself get repainted to a mirrored, metallic black color with bright royal blue highlights. He is known to be rather friendly and behaves almost entirely like a human.

Summary Edit

One of the oldest models known to be active. Hunwick, along with his brother Blink Puma, was created by a single scientist on a secluded island. Built seven months prior to the building of his brother, he was the result of years of research in constructing what was going to become a devastating weapon. His creator, Doctor Amanda Samuels, refused to have any of her creation become weapons, modified their programming so they would have free will and make their own choices.

Since the infection and death of his brother, Hunwick took on the quest of restoring what he considers his family's honor.

Things of notice Edit

- Is probably one of the very few rare androids to have full genitalia, it's rumored that his creator made it so by principle of wanting to be as accurate as humanly possible. Wether the machinery works or not... that remains in the debatable territory.

- Has human habits (smoking, wearing clothes) that appear to be unsettling to some of the people he deals with.

- Is known to have multiple aliases, and a criminal record in several cities. Though the nature of the crimes remain unknown. For all that it is known, it can always be a matter of being sold out or flat out wrongly accused.

- Rumor has it that he is directly responsible for the loss of control his brother had over his own unit

- Recently has been given his brother's teleportation unit, which had been troublesome to a certain degree.