Isis Tirice
Snowy Relaxation
Long-since tired of cat puns
Alignment Corruptor
Status Active
Gender female
Height 3'5(quadruped)
Weight heavy

Database informationEdit

  • Name: Isis Tirice
  • Faction: Traumoult Faction
  • Rank: A Rank
  • Type: Ice
  • Infected?: Yes

A white tigress modeled closely after a real tiger with a personality as cold as her body. She's a powerful and dangerous melee fighter with the ability to sap her opponent's strength and freeze their limbs using liquid nitrogen. Her high speed, tenacity and heavy shielding make her a very dangerous opponent.


Formerly second-in-command of the neighboring area's Polar Unit, Isis and one of her allies went MIA after being ambushed during a fake distress call, and while her ally returned Isis never did.

There were no news on her for a few months, but she has recently been spotted attacking and raiding or destroying guardian outposts.

Things of noticeEdit

The liquid nitrogen in Isis's systems double as coolant to keep her temperature stable. In other words, the longer she fights and uses her nitrogen, the weaker she gets.