Alignment Guardian
Status Active
Gender female
Height medium
Weight light

Database informationEdit

  • Name: Joan "Medic" Soleil
  • Unit: 16th, R&D
  • Rank: E Rank, Commander
  • Type: Support

Medic looks like an arab woman, what would be her skin has a tanned color. Her hair goes beyond her middle back and her eyes are a vibrant green. Wears a medical uniform at all times, save for days off. She's methodic and rather stoic, but has more recently begun to relax somewhat.


A victim of a bombing attack on a hotel, Joan was saved in extremis by a pharmaceutical company that wanted to create a hybrid that was half human and half android. Learning about the result being so inconclusive, the company that created Medic lost an unimaginable amount of money. Met by Guardian infantry, she was brought to the Lakeside Base as a refugee. She has worked for the Guardians as a medic ever since, eventually rising to the rank of commander.

Things of noticeEdit

- Medic is known to see every member of the Guardians as her children, given how long she had been working in the base. Sole exceptions being High Command himself, and Acid Corrogue. Though it is said in Acid's case she felt it would be too insulting for him and wanted to spare him the humiliation.

- In her human life she had been married for seven years. She also had a daughter that was assassinated by Sheep Baabomb at age 22.

- Is said to have the strength to lift almost anyone. Exceptions being most of the gentlemen from Armored Division.

-Has only come to terms with being referred to her by her real name several weeks ago, when she realized that having hidden from her human family for so long was a foolish idea and a waste of time.