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Newest EventsEdit

  • The culprits who murdered Frost Macaque, the mercenary duo Delilah and Militian Alces, have disappeared after escaping their supposed hideout. Efforts are being made to relocate them, but have so far been unsuccessful.
  • 7th, Air Cavalry was hit by a large-scale Corruptor attack and has lost many of their officers as a result, among them second-in-command Carrier Rustica.
  • The body of Blink Puma has been seen walking as if he were alive. Furthermore, there has been two reported altercations involving the supposedly dead, former commander of Recon unit. Some civilian reports describe him as walking around with a giant spider and having a scorpion wrapped around his chest.

Current Available MissionsEdit

  • Mercenaries Delilah and Militian Alces are currently possessing dangerous EMP-based weaponry and have threatened to use them against guardian forces. They are somewhere in Area 1287, but their exact location is unknown. (CuteCat/Soac)
  • Seventh Unit, Air Cavalry, needs protection and support after losing most of their officers and defenses. Please contact captain Scope Anisoid if you are interested. (CuteCat)
  • New Young City has been overtaken by a group lead by former Guardian Onca Crypsis. Limited intel is available due to tight security, but a safe entrance to the city has been located. Contact Recon Commander Mirage Sandfin for clarification and instructions. (CuteCat)

Guardian RosterEdit

For an active Corruptor Roster, please click here

For an active Mercenary Roster, please click here

First Unit, AdvanceEdit

Leader: Wind - Available

Second-in-command: --

Friend - On Duty

Thrash Nightclaw - Available

Nicodemus - Available

Second Unit, ReconEdit

Leader: Mirage Sandfin - Available

Second-in-command: Amelie - Available

Signal Hummwing - Available

Plague Jackal - Available

Acid Corrogue - Unknown

Squeak Pipistrelle - Available

Minon Shrews - Recovering

Teigne Moondust - Recovering

Third Unit, Deploy is merged with Eighth Unit, Armored

Fourth Unit, Overland has no information available

Fifth Unit, CommunicationsEdit

Leader: Shatter Prism - Available

Second-in-command: --

Snoop Auzer - Missing - Last seen in Lakeside CIty proper

Sixth Unit, MarineEdit

Leader: Tidus Garou - Available

Second-in-command: Magne Forsite - Available

Azureus - Defected

Seventh Unit, Air CavalryEdit

Leader: Typhoon Swiftwing - Recovering

Second-in-command: Carrier Rustica - KIA

Quickscope Lepdot - Recovering

Breeze - Available

Scope Anisoid - On Duty

Eighth Unit, Armored BattalionEdit

Leader: Rufus Red - Available

Second-in-command: Eodh Ursas - Available

Barrier Pangolin - Available

Melfrand - Not seen for days

Hunwick Puma - Self-placed in custody

Chomp - Available

Boo - Available

Boomerang Dundee - Defected

Ninth Unit, Rangers has been merged with Second Unit, Recon

Tenth Unit, Civic has no information available

Eleventh Unit, Space Command has no on-site operators

Twelfth Unit, Tropical Region has no on-site operators

Thirteenth Unit, Polar Region has no on-site operators

Fourteenth Unit, Grapple Combat has no available information

Fifteenth Unit, Artillery Command is merged with Eighth Unit, Armored

Sixteenth Unit, R&DEdit

Commander: Joan Soleil - Available

Second-in-command: --

Dawnsoul Trifolium - Available

Spinner Arachis - Available

Sigmund Elinus - Relieved From Duty





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Latest activityEdit

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