A worrisome dealer
No conscience and no attachments
Alignment Mercenary
Status Active
Gender male
Height 4'1
Weight light

Database informationEdit

  • Name: "Jack" Leope Arcleaf
  • Will aid: Corruptors
  • Rank: C/B Rank
  • Type: Deception
  • Infected?: unknown

A sadistic jackalope android who's more clever than he acts. Very shady and doesn't hide it, preying on the ignorant and the desperate. His combat capabilities are unknown, but he possesses a very high amount of agility and speed.


Appeared on the Guardian radar after murdering his creator, an illegal dealer, for unknown reasons. He has been spotted all over the country, aiding whoever seems willing to trust him.

Rumored to be linked to dozens of death, but for most of them proof is lacking. Not much is known about his activities as he keeps himself to the shadows and black markets, leaving no paper trail.

Things of noticeEdit

While he can and will offer his services to guardians, DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES accept his aid. His Guardian clientele has been found murdered after he found their alignment.

Supposedly holds a grudge. Lieutenant Abo Jolts was killed months after crossing him, and though his murderer was never proven or located the motive of revenge was made clear.

Currently wanted for:

  • Several accounts of murder, including important politicians, Guardian forces and his own creator
  • Three accounts of kidnapping, two of which ended in death
  • Several thefts and robberies
  • Many instances of illegal gambling, particularly "suicide games"
  • Aiding and corraborating with Corruptors
  • Psychologically abusing and manipulating children for personal gain
  • Arson