Alignment Guardians
Status In Repair
Gender Not Applicable
Height Humongous
Weight Collossal

Database information Edit

  • Name: Melfran
  • Unit: 8th, Armored
  • Rank: Not Applicable
  • Type: Storage

- Bright green, yellow belly. White eyes. Roughly as high as a two-story house. Possibly still in a child portion of his existence.

Summary Edit

Having joined with Akki Oni, Melfrand has a tendency of wanting to eat anything he and his companion encounter, unless it is allies from the Guardian base and he is properly reminded that said person is not an enemy. A storage unit from a well known company specializing in carrier units, Melfrand stands out from the rest of his co-models with both his size and his capacity to be fairly intelligent. Now with the guardians, he follows his new friends and does his best to get approval, and maybe a bite to eat.

Things of notice Edit

- Although he can't actually eat, he has a system that can do the same thing as a digestive system does, which is most useful when killing enemies.

- The youngest model of his category, he's also the one with the most cognitive capacities, the rest of his make more worried about what and when they get to carry people and/or objects.

- Thinks every female member of the guardian base fall in love with him on sight, even though some members have made it clear to him that they already had someone OR were clearly not interested.

- Sees Rufus Red as a father figure, even though he had spent a lot more time with Akki Oni who acted until this time as such.

- Like a child, is deathly afraid of the dark and most things children get nervous or flat out terrified of, though it seems that his fears wait for things not to be in a combat situation.