Alignment Guardian
Status Active
Gender female
Height small
Weight light

Database informationEdit

  • Name: Minon Shrews
  • Unit: 2nd, Recon
  • Rank: A Rank
  • Type: Scout

A rodent beastoid and the oldest active member of Recon, she operates on values from before her commander's time and is almost always out on missions. Her appearances at base are few and far between, but she is very skilled at what she does and a much valued member of the guardians.


Minon Shrews was a private contractor who joined the guardians for personal reasons she has never disclosed, long before the Lakeside branch was created. When the new HQ was to be set into motion she was one of the guardians who volunteered to transfer. With a lot of space that needed to be searched and cleared, all scouts worked around the clock to locate and gather data on any threats, a work schedule that she has kept close at heart even after the need for such tapered off.

She is currently the last remaining scout of the original volunteers, and has consistently declined the offer of becoming a commander or transferring to another base.

Things of noticeEdit

She prefers to be called "Minos", but few people actually call her by that.

She holds close ties to "Mirror Eyes", a Recon captain who remained stationed at the main headquarters when she transferred.