Mirage Sandfin
Alignment Guardian
Status Active
Gender female
Height small
Weight light

Database informationEdit

  • Name: Mirage Sandfin
  • Unit: 2nd, Recon
  • Rank: A Rank, Commander
  • Type: Scout/Deception

Mirage is a desert beastoid modeled after a sandfish. A constantly hard worker who is still learning her duties. She is fast, agile and capable of creating incredibly convincing illusions and false images by distorting light, as well as render herself invisible. She has piercing laser shots and is able to utilize the sun's heat to recover her stamina.


Mirage was commissioned by the Guardians and built by an 8-man team. When she arrived on-base she worked very hard to impress her commander, Blink Puma, and soon became the unofficial second-in-command.

After Puma was infected and went AWOL, she was officially promoted and is now commander.

Things of noticeEdit

Despite her battle capabilities she is unwilling to fight unless it's deemed absolutely necessary.

She is close friends with Shatter Prism and often goes to her for help with her duties.

As she is the newest commander of the guardians, she is given slightly more leeway than others of her rank.