Nicodemus of Whiterun
Alignment Guardian
Status Active
Gender Male
Height 5'10"
Weight 180lb

Database informationEdit

  • Name: Nicodemus of Whiterun
  • Unit: First
  • Rank: B
  • Type: Witcher

An organic being (though, as he would say, NOT HUMAN) with an affinity for magic and combat. He's strangely hard to kill, though does have an artificial arm and leg from his first fight. Immune to poisons and human illness, and has an assortment of potions, salves, and explosives on his person at all times. His full extent of abilities are unknown, and he generally keeps to himself.


Formerly a human but made into an "artificial mutant" by the processes and mutagens that turn one into a Witcher, Nicodemus is from a completely alien world where magic is abundant while the monsters therein are decreasingly so. Which meant, as hunting and killing monsters is a Witcher's livelihood, work was becoming harder and harder to come by. Through a series of events that Nicodemus refuses to talk about, he somehow wound up in this new, strange world, and the first thing he met was Whirlpool Suboyer, who of course tried to kill him. A few times, actually. In a final attempt on his life, Suboyer dragged him into the water and caused an explosion that destroyed the harbor and several buildings, as well as uncovering her cache of corpses and remains from her previous kills. Due to an incredible amount of luck and quick spell-casting, Nico survived, but lost his left arm and right leg in the explosion.

As a thank-you for ridding the world of a very dangerous Corrupter, the Guardians paid to give him bionic limbs in place of the ones he lost, and offered him a chance to join their ranks. After heavily considering his options, few as they were, Nicodemus eventually decided to accept their offer. Though he started realizing some of the darker aspects of this new world he was thrust into when he learned that his newfound friend, Sweepshot Acridoi, was slowly losing his sanity and becoming infected. Not long afterwards, his other friend, Sneak Pipstrelle, was also infected and killed, causing the witcher to draw himself further into isolation.

Things of noticeEdit

  • Nicodemus had no friends in his old world, only associates.
  • His first friend in this world was Sneak. As a result, the bat's corruption and death hit him very hard.
  • While he doesn't make a public fuss about it, he does blame himself for Blink Puma's death. Very much so.