"As long as I can eat the dead..."
Alignment Mercenary
Status Active
Gender Male
Height Medium
Weight Light

Database information Edit

  • Name: Plague Jackal
  • Hired by: Guardians. Works for any department needing his services
  • Rank: unknown
  • Type: Swarm strike
  • Infected?: No

A quadruped dog android with a zombie-like appearance. Can vomit up to twelve rats per ten pounds of scrap metal consumed. Produces a toxin that corrodes his enemies, making them rust and hindering their movements. If he gets a good enough amount of toxin on his enemies, they can rust to death. Has a powerful bite and his skeletal build makes him more resistant to pain

Summary Edit

Once known as "The East Desert's Reaper", Plague Jackal made a living with mastering poisons and swarms of insect like creatures or even rodents in order to hinder, kill and reduce his enemies to shreds. Originally the second in command to High Commander Mirror Chat, he became the sole survivor of what came as an aftermath of his commander and only friend become an infected corruptor. Little was known about the attack itself, but rumor had it that the fallen Commander had brought the whole base down by triggering a series of explosives that were enough to damage a good chunk of the building. At death's door and found by a wandering human, Jackal was repaired into what began to look like a zombie dog.

Now hired by the High Commander of the Guardian base in Lakeside-city, Plague endeavors with hopes of getting a new body, he pledged allegiance to the Guardians.

Things of notice Edit

- Is currently in a relation with scouting unit's member Signal Hummwing. Neither are probably certain of how exactly it happened but they went with things and seem to be doing rather fine and enjoying the association.

- Will definitely choose to kill a target rather than capture them. Unless he is specifically told the mission he is in is a capture mission.

- Signal is the only person in the base's vicinity to have him genuinely smile.

- Is reported to have saved the daughter of the town's mayor. Jackal would keep in touch with the child but he fears for her safety and had made it clear to her parents he would rather if she was the one calling.

- Is currently training himself to attune his senses to that of two diggils he had re-purposed to fit his own needs. They were rumored to be given a better arm and hand structure so they can tear enemies.

- Is EXTREMELY sensitive to loud noises, Signal's screeches at their loudest can put him out of commission for roughly a week.