Alignment Guardian
Status Active
Gender male
Height tall
Weight heavy

Database informationEdit

  • Name: Rufus "the" Red
  • Unit: 8th, Armored
  • Rank: A Rank, Commander
  • Type: Melee/fighter

A hulking beastoid modeled after a red wolf, Rufus is strict, professional, and not one for jokes. He has defenses on par with a ride armor and enough physical strength to rip an opponent apart with his bare hands.


Commissioned by Guardian HQ along with a few other similar models, Rufus was sent to act as commander of 8th Armored after the defection of commander Red Lights. All but one of his creators were killed in an attack on their laboratory, a notorious incident that netted Rufus a high amount of media attention as he was involved in stopping the attack.

Things of noticeEdit

Rufus has three sibling models, among them the corrupted "Zev".

He is supposedly of a model that is immune to infection. This information seems false, however, as has been proven with Zev's corruption.

Due to the stress and attention involved in his creators' deaths, Rufus loathes the media and has requested not to be involved in anything relating to it.

Should he gain proper ranged attacks and hone his ranged skills, he could rise to SA Rank.

Has requested "the" be unofficially dropped from his name. Finds it cliché.