Toy shop duo
One of a kind, part of a duo
Alignment Guardian
Status Active
Gender male
Height small
Weight light

Database informationEdit

  • Name: Salty "Scatter" Sweet
  • Unit: 6th, Aerial
  • Rank: B
  • Type: Anti-air

A colorful sugar glider with an enthusiastic and friendly personality. Still learning the ropes, but wants to specialize in dodging and bouncing laser attacks.


Salty was a children's store mascot along with his sister, Sugar Hyperdrive. During a publicity event, Sugar accidentally killed a child she was giving a ride by dropping him from high up. The child died upon impact with the ground, and though Salty attempted to take responsibility, Sugar was publicly disowned and sent to an android disposal facility to be destroyed.

Salty continued to act as the sole mascot, though flight rides and other dangerous activities were banned. However, after he found out about Sugar's reappearance and subsequent crimes as a Corruptor, he decided to join the Guardians so as to find whoever used his sister for such despicable things in person.

Things of noticeEdit

Salty's relationship with the rest of Aerial is still rather cautious and rocky due to how his visual resemblance to Sugar, who took part in a large raid on 6th and killed several officers.

There is a persistent rumor that the death of the child was caused by Salty and not Sugar, and that she took his punishment. It seems to be unfounded and neither the company nor Salty himself show any notion of this being the case.