Sigmund Elinus
"If it can be destroyed, there's a way to make it happen"
Alignment Good
Status In recovery
Gender Male
Height 6 foot 1 inch
Weight 187 Lbs

Database informationEdit

  • Name: Sigmund Francis Elinus
  • Will aid: -- Guardians --
  • Rank: Civilian
  • Type: Scientist
  • Infected?: No

A dedicated researcher who developed a body suit for humans that can almost go toe-to-toe with any android in the world. Bald, brown-hazel eyes. Known to be a pathological drinker and somewhat of a gambler


After having built his suit, the Ganthritor, he set out to fight with some of the Guardians of the Lakeside city base. He found his match by engaging the late Blink Puma. After the fight, his injuries forced him into a months long coma after which he was offered to work for Research and Development

Things of noticeEdit

-- (( Work In Progress ))--