Warning sirens
Has no apparent indoor voice
Alignment Guardian
Status Active
Gender female
Height 2'2
Weight light

Database informationEdit

  • Name: Signal Hummwing
  • Unit: 2nd, Recon
  • Rank: B Rank Lieutenant
  • Type: Scout

Green and blue hummingbird android with a very excitable personality. Hummwing uses soundwaves to fight; capable of deafening and disorienting her opponents, as well as scrambling sensitive systems and machinery. Lacks any true offensive capabilities and should not attempt to enter battle without backup.


Hummwing is a former civilian lookout, who would warn an important city stronghold of incoming bomb raids, evacuate civilians and scramble the tracking data of attacking missiles. She joined the Guardians after an act of sabotage lead to the city's destruction.

Things of noticeEdit