Alignment Ex-Guardian
Status Deceased
Gender male
Height medium
Weight medium

Database informationEdit

  • Name: Sneak Pipistrelle
  • Unit: 2nd, Recon
  • Rank: C Rank
  • Type: Scout/Support

A bat android with a cheerful, friendly demeanor. No combat ability, but was capable of sensing any life signs within a block and able to glide and fly short distances.


A generic factory model commissioned by the Guardians, Sneak arrived together with another, identical android dubbed Squeak. Considered to be twins, the two held a cheerful, joking demeanor and quickly became close friends with - and favorites of - their commander Blink Puma.

He was found and taken hostage during a mission, which eventually lead to the infection of his commander. Although he survived, he was later kidnapped by Blink Puma and infected himself, causing him to lose his mind. He killed Puma and stayed in the area he had been taken to until he was eventually found and killed by Tidus Garou.

Things of noticeEdit

Attacked and scarred his brother, but supposedly still showed signs of recognizing him.

Despite his job as a rescue worker, Sneak had difficulty with blood and grew physically ill if he was in corpse-heavy areas for too long.