Alignment Guardians
Status Active
Gender Female
Height Medium
Weight Light

Database information Edit

  • Name: Snoop Auzer
  • Unit: Communications
  • Rank: Lieutenant
  • Type: Navigator, Hacker

Depicted as a schnauzer dog. Bipedal, wears a bright yellow jumpsuit. Very timid and keeps to herself, has moments where she will be a lot braver.

Summary Edit

- Originally meant to be an android built as suicide bombers, Auzer was defective the moment she was activated. She escaped and was found days after her escape by Blink Puma, who had brought her back to the Guardians base and became a father figure for the schnauzeroid.

Things of notice Edit

- Is friends with Friend, Rufus, Hunwick, Melfrand, Mirage, do we need to list them all?

- Has a tendency to bottle things in too much, which either explodes in a moment where she becomes this person filled with confidence whom is in total control of herself, or she becomes a complete emotional wreck and completely closes herself to the world.

- Tends not to sleep when she should, can go days if not weeks without a wink's rest, even though she gets often chastised by Rufus Red, or even the whole medbay crew, over it.

- Has a profound attraction towards Rufus Red, even though she is well aware nothing will come of it