Alignment Guardian
Status Active
Gender male
Height medium
Weight medium

Database informationEdit

  • Name: Squeak Pipistrelle
  • Unit: 2nd, Recon
  • Rank: C Rank
  • Type: Scout/Support

A bat android with a somewhat withdrawn, serious personality and a 'scar' on his front. No combat ability, but is capable of sensing any life signs within a block and able to glide and fly short distances. Currently attempting to improve his combat abilities.


A generic factory model commissioned by the Guardians, Squeak arrived together with another, identical android dubbed Sneak. Considered to be twins, the two held a cheerful, joking demeanor and quickly became close friends with - and favorites of - their commander Blink Puma.

After Blink Puma's infection and Sneak's disappearance, Squeak lost his cheerfulness and begun to refuse orders until he could find his sibling. He was badly wounded in the encounter as Sneak had gone insane from infection, and has since been struggling to recover and improve his skills.

Things of noticeEdit

Used to be a teetotaler, but has taken up drinking as a way to remember his brother.

Refuses to allow any new Pipistrelles to be brought in and attacked the newcomer when an attempt was made. 2nd Commander Mirage Sandfin has taken responsibility and requests that no new Pipistrelle be recruited until he is comfortable with the idea.