Squire Paragram
Won't be found unless she wants to be
Alignment none
Status Active
Gender female
Height tiny
Weight light

Database informationEdit

  • Name: Squire Sqiee Paragram
  • Will aid: both sides
  • Rank: E Rank
  • Type: Spy
  • Infected?: no

An android modeled after some kind of rodent. Clever and careful, does not seem capable of empathy. Too difficult to track or capture, very skilled at collecting information.


Lacking sufficient data. Collects and trades information and will aid anyone for the right price. Does not stay in one area for long enough to pinpoint. Anonymous tip about --data lost-- was likely her doing.

--Data lost-- worked with her for a time but will not disclose details.

Things of noticeEdit

Does not accept money or goods. She only trades information for other information.

The "Sqiee" is apparently pronounced "Skee", not "Squee". She did not appreciate being called by it.

Enjoys being a pest and erasing parts of her profile data if she feels anything is out of line I HAVE TO FIX THIS STUFF YOU KNOW KNOCK IT OFF I am simply ensuring the safety of my clients and myself.