Toy shop duo
"You can't show kids that! You bad person!"
Alignment Corruptor
Status Deceased
Gender female
Height small
Weight light

Database informationEdit

  • Name: Sugar "Hyper" Hyperdrive, former Sugar Sweet
  • Faction: Crypsis Faction
  • Rank: unknown
  • Type: Anti-air
  • Infected?: Yes

A colorful sugar glider with a bubbly personality and an enthusiastic attitude toward killing. Specializes in being hard to hit and bouncing laser attacks. Also adept at provoking others.


Sugar was a children's store mascot along with her brother, Salty. During a publicity event, Sugar accidentally killed a child she was giving a ride by dropping him from high up. The child died upon impact with the ground.

There were several witnesses, though accounts vary and to avoid any backlash or the risk of the "accident" being staged, Sugar was publicly disowned and sent to an android disposal facility run by Dragon Data to be destroyed.

Sugar later reappeared as part of a large-scale raid on the guardians' Aerial unit where she killed their second-in-command, Carrier Rustica. Taking several hostages, she hid in a corruptor factory built below the ruins of the city Scanway, alongside Blackspot Eagle and many low-rank troops. She was killed in battle with Hunwick Puma after his attempts to locate the factory caught her interest.

Things of noticeEdit

Salty Sweet, Sugar's twin brother, is still in service at the Sweet Glider children's store chain. However, he no longer gives any flight rides. He is not aware of any of Sugar's actions after she was sent away.

Apparently introduced herself as "Sugar Ray" at least once. This name is inaccurate.

Uncharacteristically sadistic and enjoyed battle more than anything. Held no regard for allies caught in her crossfire.

Studies of her body and data have noted that she appears to hold some connections to Onca Crypsis and presumably belonged to his faction.

There is a persistent rumor that the death of the child was caused by Salty and not Sugar, and that she took his punishment. It seems to be unfounded and neither the company nor Salty himself show any notion of this being the case.