Thrash Nightclaw
Alignment Guardian
Status Active
Gender Female
Height --
Weight --

Database informationEdit

  • Name: Thrash Nightclaw
  • Unit: First
  • Rank:
  • Type: Assassin

Formerly a mercenary, Thrash joined the Guardians along with Hunwick and Ori. She is capable of vanishing altogether from sight and minor teleportation; when severely angered, she has a hulking beserker form. Do not approach when in this form. She can still fight in her regular form, but generally sticks to sneak attacks and ambushing, as this is her 'weaker' form.


Past, unknown. Creator(s), unknown. Thrash remains completely closed-off about her life before joining the Guardians, and takes great pains to make sure that information remains undiscovered. Why, is anyone's guess.

Things of noticeEdit

  • Currently dating Hunwick Puma
  • Has a second, 'beserker' form