Tiburon Crush
Alignment Will aid Guardians
Status Active
Gender Male
Height Tall
Weight Heavy

Database information Edit

  • Name: Tiburon Crush
  • Will aid: Guardians
  • Rank: Self-proclaimed King of the oceans
  • Type: Artillery
  • Infected?: No

- Heavily built, dark grey with teal undertones. Head of a hammerhead shark. Carries harpoon guns the size of pistol and a long range, heavy harpoon gun. Has a fishing net draped over his left shoulder and his chest. Has an additional layer of armor that would be bone armor if it were organic.

Summary Edit

- Having been activated in an underwater city which's economy revolves around underwater mining, Tiburon Crush took upon himself of protecting the people he considers his subjects. The underwater dome having been destroyed he had made a complex out of sunken ships so that the survivors would have a place to live. Imperious to a disgustingly annoying degree, Tiburon seems to be awfully misguided and when made to understand things he is blind to, tends to adhere to them, whether it is blindingly or not. Has pledged unconditional allegiance to the guardians as long as the dealings go through Mirage Sandfin, in whom his hunch that she would understand his plight didn't prove to be a mistake.

Things of notice Edit

- Terribly imperious and honor bound, it seems those two traits of his personalities were either misinformed, or fueled with the fact he is the only android capable of not only taking down boats that pass by his waters, but actually going toe to toe with a guardian or a corruptor.

- Values the lives of the humans he protects a lot more than his own, which makes him work on rebuilding the dome protecting the former underwater city to a highly unhealthy degree. It's said he will work for days if not two full weeks on end, to then retire and rest for three straight days

- Is armed with two harpoon pistols, a long range rifle that shoots harpoons known to be roughly three foot long and five inches thick. Also has a brief cloaking ability he uses to vanish and charge his opponents.

- Has a layer of "skin" that if bitten for the purpose of infection, can be discarded. Whether this layer regenerates or can be re-made, it is an unknown fact even to him.

- Has successfully fought and beaten Mirage Sandfin and Thrash Nightclaw, whom he spared "out of sheer generosity"

- Has heard of Hunwick Puma through the alias of "Montavio" but has never met him.