Tidus Garou
Alignment Guardian
Status Active
Gender male
Height medium
Weight heavy

Database informationEdit

  • Name: Tidus Garou
  • Unit: 6th, Marine
  • Rank: A Rank, Commander
  • Type: Aquatic

A wolf with a tendency at imperiousness. He is known to look way down upon anyone he hasn't acquaint himself to. Is likely to respect more someone for their hard work and dedication, no matter if they are the weakest link or the pivotal stone of their department.


Built years ago in order to prevent an increase of forest fires in the city he was built, Tidus was rather immediately sent to the Guardians for whom he had risen to the rank of commander. Not much is known of the company that had built him, save that he was their one investment and the company, not that well managed, went belly up a year after.

Things of noticeEdit

- Has a profound disdain towards both Blink Puma and Hunwick Puma

- Generates his own water chemically, so that he can use it to flood a medium sized base. The downside of it is that he needs at least a full week of total inactivity, which also means he needs to stay in one place and not walk around too much.

- His color scheme is teal, black, white and orange. His cannons are black, his muzzle, paws and streaks of his tail are teal, most of his body is white and his eyes are orange.

- Has been MIA for about a month, to be found with severe damage to his brain which made him very hostile to his own allies as well as civilians.

- There is no record of Tidus Garou actively having attacked any civilians