Small ones for bait
"A small fish to catch a big fish ..."
Alignment Corruptor
Status Deceased
Gender female
Height medium
Weight medium

Database informationEdit

  • Name: Whirlpool Suboyer
  • Faction: Stray
  • Rank: A rank
  • Type: Water/destruction
  • Infected?: unknown

A sleek beastoid modeled after an otter, Suboyer was a sadist. She reveled in bloodshed and enjoyed toying with her victms, often having them drown. She was geared for underwater melee combat, but carried a hefty supply of mines and other explosives to let her trap and destroy ships and submarines.


Whirlpool Suboyer was built and sent to Red Lake in order to cut off a Corruptor supply route. Once the Corruptors had ceased to use the route Suboyer was ordered to remain at the lake until further notice.

It is unclear if she was infected or if the isolated existence and boredom simply made her snap, but after two months Suboyer destroyed a civilian cruiser. She left the passengers to drown, instead destroying any ship that attempted to aid them before disappearing into the depths. After this incident she randomly attacked any boats or androids that crossed her waters, whether it was guardian, corruptor or civilian, but always disappeared before she could be dealt with.

Whirlpool Suboyer committed suicide, blowing herself up in an attempt to kill Nicodemus after attacking a seaside town.

Things of noticeEdit

According to her coworkers Suboyer did not display any sadistic tendencies until the attack on the cruiser. This indicates she was infected, but due to the lack of a body there is no way to tell for certain.

She kept a collection of corpses, most particularly severed heads.

Her voice was based on that of the singer of Marina and the Diamonds.