Alignment Unknown
Status Neutral
Gender Male
Height 5'9"
Weight 180 lbs

Database information Edit

  • Name: Woogan
  • Will aid: ? ? ?
  • Rank: Not applicable
  • Type: "Thief"
  • Infected?: No

A human known to have spent his life in the streets. Came into posession of a power suit seven years ago and has comitted two bank robberies over that time. Salt and pepper hair, full beard, broken glasses. Wears what can be easily described as homeless people's clothings. Tattered clothing, riddled with holes. Appears to be in the mid-thirties.

Summary Edit

Born from a mother who was forced to live in the streets, Woogan spent the majority of his life struggling until the next meal, the next night where he and his mother could find shelter. Although he had pulled off a bank heist with only a discarded handgun, he managed to find a power suit from a warehouse that was abandoned due to a corruptor having gone within and terrorised its inoccupants. Still getting used to the capacities of the suit, he tried to pull a second heist to provide for his mother who rests in a small condemned appartment building. He is known to do nothing but provide for the woman, even though her health is on the decline and there is little to no hope for recovery. His birth was not recorded in government data and there are rumors that his mother had changed name to make sure Woogan wouldn't have been attacked when he was a child.

Things of notice Edit

- Woogan is known in the poor parts of town, although it's known he had hit a bank once before, he is more known for how obsessively he insists on using that money to provide the most basic needs for his mother: shelter, food, clothes, medication.

- It's clear that Woogan has enough money to use it to acquire a lot of material goods, but he refuses himself to it.

- His first hit was close to a million, but he returned 400,000 saying that the million was more than he needed. After a lenghty conversation with the bank in question, who offered him to keep the funds, he still returned them.